Monday, March 15, 2010

An interview with Josiah Turner and Brittany Shine

Today I attended the Sac Hi basketball boys and girls practice. I saw lots of good drills. Most I got on tape ( or disc since my camera is a disc one).

At the end of the boys practice, The Bee's Joe Davidson interviewed #1 Josiah Turner, which I filmed. The interview link is here.

After that, I saw the coach of the girls team, Michele show a video of her team playing against St. Mary's who they are having a rematch with them on Saturday at Arco Arena for the state title.

When there was a play that they could have done better, the coach paused the film, and showed them what they could have done better. After that Davidson got a hold of team star Brittany Shine to interview here. But after the interview, they did a little 1 on 1 basketball. The interview link is here.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Section Division 3 championship boys basketball, Sacramento vs Vista del Lago

On Saturday, March 3rd, I attended and video taped the Section Division 3 championship boys basketball game, Sacramento vs Vista del Lago at Arco Arena.

There was lots of action in the first half, but not much scoring. Vista's best player #23 Hayden Lescault, didn't have any points in the first half, but he did have 2 fouls.

In the second half, the scoring increased. Sac High had 2 players that Vista couldn't handle: #1 Josiah Turner and #24 Will Davis.

In the end, Sacramento won its 4th section championship since 2005 under coach Derek Swafford. The link to the highlights is here.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Highlights of the Sacramento Dragons vs Oak Ridge Trojans high school basketball game

I, JOCK, the other day attended the Sacramento vs Oak Ridge high school girls basketball game.

I wasn't the only one who shot footage there. People from MaxPreps, the SureWest Sports Show, and fans also shot footage. But I was one of the few that was actually right under the hoop.

The game was a long one but good. The first quarter is what I got most of the footage of. The second quarter, however, wasn't worth any footage. There were lots of fouls, free throws and hardly any scoring.

But what I did get showed the excellent scoring by Brittany Shine of Sacramento, and the excellent stealing and ball handling by Sara James of Oak Ridge. Sac won by a point.

The link to what footage I got of it can be seen here.

Also too see more info of the game look at the latest post of the Sacramento Bee Prep Blog Site.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Cal Poly Men's Basketball Game Highlight

Yesterday I attended the Cal Poly vs Pacific men's basketball game. It was a home game for Cal Poly. I was there to do a story on the Cal Poly's starting guard, No. 35, Kyle Odister, a player from Sacramento.

It was a full house with the band members playing the songs and fans dressing up. I had a feeling that Cal Poly would do good.

But when the game started, my thought changed. Pacific was beating them. There were fouls on Cal Poly, etc. The crowd got upset and booed the refs. Plus, Odister, the one I was doing a story on, only scored four points. But just four days earlier, he had 23 points against UC Irvine.

Against Pacific, this wasn't a good game.

They lost 73-63. But they still have games in the future to win.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Reactions in the press box

Have you ever been to a Monterey Trail game? Have you ever been in the press box?

And have you seen how the fans react to the game? Everyone has. But have you seen the teachers react? I have, and here are the links of what I saw:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Monday, January 4, 2010

The highlight of the BSU vs TCU football game

Boise State beat TCU 17-10 at the Fiesta Bowl on tonight.

Boise State is 14-0, the second team in major college football to go 14-0. Brandyn Thompson had two interceptions to lead the Broncos. He had one interception early for a touchdown. And he stopped TCU from scoring frequently by making tackles and knocking down passes.

Both teams averaged about 45 points a game coming in. They were both unbeaten.

It is too bad Boise State isn't playing in the BCS championship game. Texas and Alabama are in the BCS, though. I want you viewers to post a comment to see if Boise or TCU could have beaten those teams if they made it to the title game.

TCU didn't do so well tonight. They only had 36 rushing yards. That is like running from this computer to the garage. And the garage is close by from where I'm typing. TCU couldn't do anything because of Boise State's terrific defense.

It is weird that Boise is 14-0, Texas had 13-0 and Alabama had 12-0. Boise had better wins then them, yet they don't make it.

Old chums recognized

While watching the Boise State vs. TCU college football bowl game, a player - No. 13 to be exact - scored a touchdown off an interception return.
I noticed something interesting. When the announcer said his name - Brandyn Thompson - I recognized it. He was a star player at Franklin High School in Elk Grove, a school I have filmed and covered this past season.

Thompson is a junior cornerback for Boise State who gave the Broncos a 7-0 early lead. He has five interceptions this year. It was interesting how easily he ran to the end zone without any interference by the opposite team. I wonder if anyone else immediately recognized him like I did.

Also, the Boise coach Chris Petersen is from Yuba City and UC Davis.

State Player of Year Finalists

The Football State Player of the Year announcement is coming up.

I have witnessed many games in the Sacramento area with great players. But those players are not candidates. I understand that the state has so many players and the selection committee can't choose everyone.

But it is still disappointing.

Here are some of the players that I have seen that should have been candidates:

Bryce Pratt - An excellent runningback for the Del Oro Golden Eagles, he runs hard, runs fast and set school records. He has a habit of winning impossible games, like the one against Folsom, as stated in a previous blog.

Devontae Butler - The best player on The Bee's top-ranked team for the first 12 weeks of the season. He plays for the Grant Pacers. He ran for almost 3,000 yards and scored nearly 50 touchdowns. He led all rushers in the Sacramento vs. East Bay All-Star game.

Dano Graves - The quarterback for the Folsom Bulldogs is only a junior. He was hard to stop as a passer or runner and had 66 total touchdowns, a Northern California record.

Jackson Cummings - A runningback for the Rocklin Thunder, he was the best player on the only team that beat Grant and Nevada Union this season. He ran for a school record 2,500 yards and was a great leader.

The one player who did make the State Player of Year list is Ryan Dimino of Del Campo. He set state records as a quarterback.

Tell me your thoughts and comments. I know there are a lot of prep football fans.

To read about the candidates, look at the Sacramento Bee Prep Blog.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Bret Favre complication

There has been much talk about Bret Favre in general.

He left the Green Bay Packers two seasons ago, saying he was retired. But he later came back for the New York Jets. That lasted a whole season until he retired again.People were already upset that he left Green Bay for a false retirement.

Last summer, he came back again, and now plays for the Vikings of Minnesota. That made more fans hate him, especially those in Green Bay, a big, hated rival of Minnesota. In a newspaper article I read, it showed some guy with a Bret Favre jersey with an X crossing out the number.

That shows a lot of detail of how the guy feels about Favre. Last summer, I saw fan at a football game in Stockton wearing a Favre Packers jersey. Out of no where, a fan said, "Hey, Favre! You going to come back or not?!" He was mocking the Favre fan.

I have posted this to ask a favor. I want you the viewers to comment on your opinion of this quarterback conflict.

And keep the comments censored, no matter how you feel.

Old games seen again

I, JOCK, am watching an old basketball game from 2000: Lakers vs Pacers in the NBA finals.

So many things are different now from back then.
The way the scoreboard looks - it looks like a late '80's game. Also, Shaq was playing on the same side as Kobe. The jerseys look the same, though.
Shaq was so athletic and young back then. But after 10 years, he has worn down. He now plays for the Cavaliers. It might be his last season.
The game I am watching was also the time Hall of Fame player Larry Bird was the Pacer's coach. Bird used to play against Magic of the Lakers in the NBA Finals in the 1980s.
Another main difference: Kobe had hair. Now his hair is gone, and changed his number from No. 8 to No. 24. He still plays for the Lakers and he led the Lakers to the championship last season.

Friday, January 1, 2010

The High School Football All-Star game

The final high school football game of the 2009 season was an All-Star game at Grant.

It was the Sacramento All-Stars vs. the East Bay All-Stars. It was a cold, long game. Big crowd at the old stadium. The announcer, Rich Payne, had an excellent speaking voice. Now the game. Defense dominated. It was hard for teams to move the ball. Constant fumbles/tackles.

The Sacramento All-Star team had great players like Bryce Pratt of Del Oro, Devontae Butler of Grant and James Nunley of Woodcreek, who scored the game-tying touchdown in the second overtime as the teams tied 13-13. The game also had a 57-yard field goal by the East Bay All-Stars. Probably the longest field goal I have ever seen.

Here is some of the footage by JOCK (me) shot during the game: Some Defensive Plays, An Up-Close and Personal catch by #81 of Sac, A Touchdown by Sac, and The Double-Overtime Touchdown.

It was a long and interesting All-Star game. The interesting part was when the game hit double-overtime,it ended in a tie of 13-13.